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The solution where you control everyone’s email signatures centrally.

The Danish and Copenhagen-based company and many years of experience in IT, sales and marketing forms the market easiest manageable and most effective solution for e-mail signature marketing – The solution is called HandySignature.

We have created HandySignature because it is our personal experience that many companies fail to use their primary form of communication, e-mails, to market the company and products as well as to present the company nice, presentable and uniform in their e-mails.

Further, we have the experience that most employees use a lot of time to maintain e-mail signatures in the company. Often with a result that does not match the company’s identity when individual employees daily sends emails to customers and partners. Our focus is to act as our clients’ advisors – and we have a partner approach to any task.


Our vision is to be the market leader both national and global level and to be the first and most natural choice in the category of e-mail signature marketing. Along with ambitious customers, we will lift corporate communications to a higher level.


Our mission is to optimize the use of e-mail signature marketing in a simple and efficient manner and to ensure that our customers are creating closer and more profitable relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and partners.


The strategy to implement the mission rests on three non-negotiable principles: We ensure our reputation in national and international companies through the successes and achievements, we are helping to create for our customers. Our focus on the customer’s world and everyday life as well as our ongoing product development ensures that we are setting the standard in the category of e-mail signature marketing. Our solutions always represent the highest quality because our company will continue to retain and attract new customers and create value for each customer based on needs and opportunities.

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