Fully automated Email Signature Solution


Professionally designed and tested email signature templates.
One click and ALL email signatures are adjusted instentently*.
*No CopyPaste or other work for co-workers.




14 days FREE Trial. No Credit Card Required!

With HandySignature you can manage company email signatures for:






What is HandySignature

HandySignature is a unique solution by automatically updating company email signatures and where the administrator has full control in all changes WITHOUT co-workers need to do anything when the solution is installed.

You're just four steps away from
your first great impression




Choose a template

Pick the design that best
matches your needs



Customize the look


Tailor the design for your
one-of-a-kind company



Add your co-workers


Add your and your co-workers
contact details and you’re ready




Install HandySignature


Automatic installation and access to adjust everyone’s email signatures centrally



try it now

No registration needed

Signatures in Gmail


Using Gmail service?

Managed centrally, consistent and brand aware.
Welcome your new marketing channel.

14 days FREE Trial. No Credit Card Required!




Central Management


Centrally manage all co-workers signatures. Our unique
web-interface empowers just one person in your company
control all content – contact details, design and campaigns.



User Friendly


No IT knowledge necessary.
HandySignature gives you the professional
appearance you want without the hassle.



Tested for spam filters


Your emails matter yet with a poorly designed email signature it’s all too easy to end up in a corporate
spam filter. That’s why HandySignature is rigorously tested so your message gets through.

Email with confidence


Get the same great email signature across platforms. So whether your email pops up on a customer’s
desktop, a laptop or mobile device, you’re sure of the same professional look.




Effective marketing through Email Signatures


Do you have special offers? Great campaigns? A wonderful brand story to tell?
HandySignature turns every email into a powerful call to action





Run campaigns


Add images, links and text to your
standard signature



Update everywhere


Automatically install in all
co-workers signatures



Build excitement


Keep your customers updated
on your business

Start making a great impression


Start your free 14 day trial with full access to all features and add as many users as you want.



create your signature now

No registration needed

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