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How to create a HandySignature

How to change design and add co-workers to HandySignature


An easy and effective way to control the appearance of the company’s e-mails while we can insert new marketing campaigns in all employees’ e-mail with a single click.”

– Carsten Thybo – Director – Uddannelseshuset


”HandySignature has given AV CENTER consistent and professional identity in e-mails. The control panel is easy and intuitive to use. Support is fast and efficient.”

– Morten Olesen – Marketing Coordinator – AV CENTER


Finally, it is easy to ensure that all employees’ signatures look similar when sending e-mails from the company.

– Trine Røssel – Dansk Olie Kompagni A/S


”It looks great, is super simple and offers great value in marketing.”

– Jens Højberg – Director – Active-Business Care

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