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Central Management

Centrally manage all co-workers signatures. Our unique web-interface empowers just one person in your company control all content – contact details, design and campaigns.

User Friendly

No IT knowledge necessary. HandySignature gives you the professional appearance you want without the hassle.

Tested for spam filters

Your emails matter yet with a poorly designed email signature it’s all too easy to end up in a corporate spam filter. That’s why HandySignature is rigorously tested so your message gets through.

How to install outlook signature?

1. Create an account

Try for free in 30 days. No commitment whatsoever.
Choose to create account manually or to login via Gmail account.

2. Design your Email Signature

Select one of our professional templates and customize it.

3. Go to Dashboard and add co-workers

Add your co-workers with their user information and they will automatic receive a invitation to install HandySignature and the Email Signature. When they have installed HandySignature, You/Administrator can automatically change design and content of their Email Signature.

4. Install HandySignature and Email Signature

Automatic installation and access to adjust everyone’s Email Signatures centrally.

Start making a great impression

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